So Much Handwritten Typewriter 1969-1989

Spring 2018

from Nualláin House, Publishers

 “The truth of a poem is in its imperfection, the faults and fissures that only
the poet can admit and perhaps only the most careful of readers can value.” 

“Their reliance on chance operation is matched by
their reliance on chance appreciation”.

“They do not aim at rhetoric nor do they seek to persuade.”  

“The poems are also particularly anti-social
in the implication that the forward 
progress of culture increasingly
encapsulates individuals in their private auras.”

“Their primary intent is to present the fine distinctions of a perceptual
identity in 
a uniquely spontaneous improvisational
manner to the ear as well as to the page.”

“If I have any purpose as a poet it is to remove myself from the musty
authority of
an entrenched academic conservatism and approach the word
in its current state of utter mutability.”

“For the poet, the poem on the page acts as a memory aid.
For the reader, it is an artifact.” 

From So Much More, 1969-1989

Selected Poems Volume I
Handwritten Typewriter
by Pat Nolan

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