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Nualláin House, Publishers began print on demand publishing of “literature as reading entertainment” eleven years ago utilizing readily available digital technology and desktop design options. Because technology changes the way one does business, Nualláin House has slowly shifted emphasis away from the production of print volumes of poetry and fiction to the wider readership accessible through the internet. Digital media in the form of blogs and websites provide an entry for the independent artist and writer to launch shoestring operations that do not demand much more than time, determination, and a little imagination. To that end, along with a new easier to read WordPress theme, Nualláin House has incorporated two fresh projects, available in the features below or through the site’s menu bar, to reflect the expanded emphasis: Affiliated Sites and Bamboo Leaf Studio. Affiliated Sites allows access to four additional sites (Parole, Dime Pulp, Ode To Sunset, Made In The Shade) offering poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Bamboo Leaf Studio, presenting galleries of assorted literary art and ephemera (Smoking Poets, Faux Koans, Women Poet Postcards), highlights a unique synthesis of art and literature.

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Affiliated Sites

– Ode To Sunset – Dime Pulp – Made In The Shade – Parole, Blog of The New Black Bart Poetry Society The New Black Bart Poetry Society is not a school of poetry nor does it endorse or espouse a particular philosophy of poetry. The Society will entertain most any presentation on the art of poetry, its past, its…

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Handmade Books & Surimono

These limited edition books were published under various whimsical imprints using found, recycled, and synthetic/commercial materials and innovative methods including lino cut, stencil, mylar, rubber stamp, tee shirt transfer, and chine collé. The books are bound in assorted Chinese/Japanese side style bindings including Yamato ribbon binding. Binding strips and endpapers on some editions are imported Japanese silkscreen paper or a…

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Women Poets Postcards

Women Poets Postcards Series #1 Women Poet Postcards Series #2 Women Poets Postcards Series #3 Each set is limited to 25 each, 3 poets per set, produced during the pandemic year of 2020 with the series completed in December of 2020. Individual postcards are available as “artist proofs”.

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Smoking Poets

The Smoking Poets series came about in an attempt at replicating a photograph of a poet (Samuel Beckett below) through the medium of a carved linoleum block. Soon other photos of poets smoking surfaced or were suggested by those who viewed the first successful attempt. Most were of men smoking cigarettes or pipes. Unfortunately the number of women smoking and who were…

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Faux Koans

“I had the idea of making Buddhist inspired prints featuring what I call faux koans since historically some of the earliest Japanese prints were devotional depictions of Buddhist saints or precepts sold to pilgrims traveling to shrines and temples. They are faux koans in the sense that they imply an ironic intent and emphasize mystification rather than clarification.” –Pat Nolan

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Bamboo Leaf Studio

Bamboo Leaf Studio is an independent art enterprise by poet Pat Nolan featuring his linoleum block prints, handmade limited edition poetry books, and other limited edition studio-based ephemera. Pat Nolan came to printmaking through an avid interest in Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, amassing in the process a large collection of monographs, museum catalogs, and anthology representations of floating world artists who…

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So Much, Volume II

  SO MUCH Volume II Selected Poems 1990—2010 NOTEBOOK KEYBOARD The title of Pat Nolan’s two volume selected poems, So Much, references modern American poetry’s seminal work by William Carlos Williams, about a red wheelbarrow, chickens, and rain. The poems in this second volume were actualized and finalized beyond their notebook originations on a word processor hence the designation of…

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the thousand marvels of every moment

the thousand marvels of every moment,  a tanka collection by pat nolan Fall 2018, 124 pages, $16 Tanka is the modern name for a short five line poem known throughout the history of Japanese literature as a waka.  The short poems of the thousand marvels of every moment are composed of five lines in two stanzas.  The first stanza balances…

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SO MUCH Selected Poems 1969-1989

The title of this volume of Pat Nolan’s selected poems, So Much, references the seminal (and most divisive) poem of modern American poetry by William Carlos Williams about a red wheelbarrow, chickens, and rain. The poems in this selection were actualized and finalized beyond their handwritten originals on a typewriter hence the designation of this twenty year span from 1969…

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