Handmade Books & Surimono

These limited edition books were published under various whimsical imprints using found, recycled, and synthetic/commercial materials and innovative methods including lino cut, stencil, mylar, rubber stamp, tee shirt transfer, and chine collé. The books are bound in assorted Chinese/Japanese side style bindings including Yamato ribbon binding. Binding strips and endpapers on some editions are imported Japanese silkscreen paper or a natural dyed momogami.  Included are also a few fan fold items in the surimono style of literary ephemera. Editions never number more than 36, often as few as 12.  The letterpress broadsides were printed at North Bay Letterpress Arts in Sebastopol, CA.

Boxes & Chairs, Limited Edition (2006) o/p
Boxes & Chairs, Peoples Edition (2006) o/p
Exile In Paradise (2009) Limited Edition o/p
Exile In Paradise (2009) Limited Wallpaper Edition o/p
Poetry For Sale (haikai no renga) Pat Nolan & Keith Kumasen Abbott (2008) o/p
Jacks Or Better (travel journal) 2011 o/p
Intellectual Pretensions (2009) o/p
Later, Selected Poems (2007) o/p
Random Rocks (haikai no renga) w/ Pat Nolan, Keith Kumasen Abbott, Michael Sowl, Maureen Owen 2007 o/p
Ah Bolinas! travel journal-2010) o/p
Carved In Stone (tanka) 2013 o/p
Untouched By Rain (tanka) 2005 o/p
Carbon Data 2008 o/p
All Ears (haikai no renga) Pat Nolan, Michael Sowl, Maureen Owen, Keith Kumasen Abbott 2004 o/p
Lyre Liar (fan fold) 2012 o/p

So Remote The Mountains (fan fold) 2014 o/p
Cloud Traffic (broadsheet) Edition of 50
Silky Breeze fan fold (8 panels)
When You Whispered fan fold (8 panels)
The Change of Day fan Fold (8 panels)
A Number of Days fan fold (8 panels)
In Memory of Ted Berrigan 2007
Advice To A Young Poet / Dylan Thomas from the Smoking Poet Series (Iota Press, 2014) edition of 200
A/P After Inagaki Tomoo 9X13