Handmade Books & Surimono

Boxes & Chairs, Limited Edition (2006) o/p
Boxes & Chairs, Peoples Edition (2006) o/p
Exile In Paradise (2009) Limited Edition o/p
Exile In Paradise (2009) Limited Wallpaper Edition o/p
Poetry For Sale (haikai no renga) Pat Nolan & Keith Kumasen Abbott (2008) o/p
Jacks Or Better (travel journal) 2011 o/p
Intellectual Pretensions (2009) o/p
Later, Selected Poems (2007) o/p
Random Rocks (haikai no renga) w/ Pat Nolan, Keith Kumasen Abbott, Michael Sowl, Maureen Owen 2007 o/p
Ah Bolinas! travel journal-2010) o/p
Carved In Stone (tanka) 2013 o/p
Untouched By Rain (tanka) 2005 o/p
Carbon Data 2008 o/p
All Ears (haikai no renga) Pat Nolan, Michael Sowl, Maureen Owen, Keith Kumasen Abbott 2004 o/p
Lyre Liar (fan fold) 2012 o/p

So Remote The Mountains (fan fold) 2014 o/p
Cloud Traffic (broadsheet) Edition of 50
Silky Breeze fan fold (8 panels)
When You Whispered fan fold (8 panels)
The Change of Day fan Fold (8 panels)
A Number of Days fan fold (8 panels)
In Memory of Ted Berrigan 2007
Advice To A Young Poet / Dylan Thomas from the Smoking Poet Series (Iota Press, 2014) edition of 200
A/P After Inagaki Tomoo 9X13