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Parole, Blog of The New Black Bart Poetry Society

The New Black Bart Poetry Society is not a school of poetry nor does it endorse or espouse a particular philosophy of poetry. The Society will entertain most any presentation on the art of poetry, its past, its present, and its future. Explications, delineations, categorizations, taxonomies, and various sundry groupings of poets and their work are of vital interest to the Society membership. 

Ode To Sunset, A Year In The Life Of American Genius 

Ode To Sunset, A Year In The Life Of American Genius by Pat Nolan is a work of fiction about dying and death, about a poet who is not quite Charles Baudelaire, not quite Charles Bukowski, who looks like a well-worn Alex Trebek but with the pit-bull demeanor of a Mickey Rourke.  It mostly takes place in a city not always quite Frisco. It is satirical, playful and, inevitably, deadly serious.

Dime Pulp, A Serial Fiction Magazine

Dime Pulp’s intent is to explore some of the possibilities of pulp genre storytelling with offerings of serial crime and pulp fiction reminiscent of perhaps a less hectic (complex) time, but also of a much more spare and succinct telling. Dime Pulp’s aim is to provide reading entertainment similar to the nostalgia for old time radio serials and comedies. While the primary focus will be on crime fiction, Dime Pulp hopes to also include Western fare, Steam Punk anachronism, and other fictional fare of a speculative nature.

Made In The Shade

Made In The Shade began with poems written in 1982, one a day for a year. Or that was the intent. What with holidays and unexpected interruptions and emergencies, a little over two hundred poems were written. They were edited, fussed over, and weeded out for the following ten years or so. During that time and afterward, the idea of the literary “environment” came under development as a fabric into which the poems could be incorporated. The resulting richness and complexity was that of an organic, self-organizing principle in shaping the outcome. Disparate elements of the literary fabric consisting of notebook entries, interview/dialogue, letters, narratives, rain, footnotes, subtexts, commentary, and the poems from 1982 are the materials of the document.