Smoking Poets

The Smoking Poets series came about in an attempt at replicating a photograph of a poet (Samuel Beckett below) through the medium of a carved linoleum block. Soon other photos of poets smoking surfaced or were suggested by those who viewed the first successful attempt. Most were of men smoking cigarettes or pipes. Unfortunately the number of women smoking and who were poets were not near as plentiful. The search continues.

Samuel Beckett 5×7
Blaise Cendrars 5×7
Charles Bukowski 5×7
Roberto Bolano 5×7
Ted Berrigan 5×7
W.H. Auden 5×7
Jean Cocteau 5×7
V. Mayakovski 5×7
Dylan Thomas 4×5
Antonin Artaud 4×5
Andre Breton 4×6
Pierre Reverdy 4×5
Joanne Kyger 7×5
Janine Pommy Vega 7×5
Duchamp 8×10