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Nualláin House, Publishers, a family concern bringing together years of experience in writing, self-publishing, book design, book selling as well as a shared delight in all things imaginative, is committed to introducing thoroughly HELLOLIFEjmodern literary entertainment to the reading public.  Nualláin House, Publishers will offer a range of titles, including print and electronic editions, and fine handmade editions to enhance the modern “reading life.”   

 About Our Name

 The Last ResortNualláin(pronounced Noo-al-ayne) is Celtic for the family name, Nolan, meaning noble or famous.  The patron saint or guiding light, if you will, of our publishing venture is the Irish writer Brian O’Nualláin known also as Brian O’Nolan, and by his most famous pseudonym, Flann O’Brien, author of At Swim-Two-Birds, The Third Policeman and The Dalkey Archives.  The year 2011 marked the centennial of Brian O’Nualláin’s birth and a fitting beginning for Nualláin House, Publishers.

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