Under the Nualláin House Umbrella

Nualláin House, Publishers, as a private venture, publishes fiction and poetry in limited editions.  Nualláin House, started in 2011, has in print two genre novels (Western and crime fiction), six poetry selections, and one anthology of Japanese linked verse. The year 2011 also marked the centennial of Irish writer Brian O’Nualláin’s birth, known also as Brian O’Nolan, and by his most famous pseudonym, Flann O’Brien, author of At Swim-Two-Birds, The Third Policeman and The Dalkey Archives. Such coincidence was taken to be an auspicious sign for the literary enterprise thus named.  Over the years the perception of what publishing at a POD (print on demand) scale required grew into the understanding that commercial viability was less important than the publishing process itself.  It also led to a questioning of the basic premise of publishing as a commercial venture in the age of the electronic commons.  What Nualláin House provides on demand is a repository of the written word available to interested parties in a nearly antiquated cash and carry format.  The editions are offered at a moderate affordable price whose sole object is to cover production costs. Back in 2011 Nualláin House acquired ten ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), nine of them have been assigned to books since published.  That leaves one last number.  What will it be?

In the online media world, the potential for spinoffs and subsidiaries is limited only by the amount of energy (and time) devoted to ensure their continued existence.  Along with its print operation, Nualláin House provides cover for Parole, the blog of The New Black Bart Poetry Society.

Parole has posted regularly since 2013 with commentary, criticism, reviews, and essays on the subject of poetry. The New Black Bart Poetry Society is not a school of poetry nor does it endorse or espouse a particular philosophy of poetry.  The Society will entertain most any presentation on the art of poetry, its past, its present, and its future (see Conditions of Parole).  Explications, delineations, categorizations, taxonomies, and various sundry groupings of poets and their work are of vital interest to the Society membership.

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In considering the advantages of blogs and online publishing, Nualláin House has looked to the serial novel as an opportunity to develop an ancillary approach to the presentation of literary fiction as a work in progress.  The online serial presents a visceral experience that has the density and complexity of a scripted series paralleling the newspaper feuilletons of 19th Century Paris, and the American pulps of the 1920’s and 30’s.  


Ode To Sunset, A Year In The Life Of American Genius is an serial online fiction about dying and death, about a poet who is not quite Charles Baudelaire, not quite Charles Bukowski, who looks like a well worn Alex Trebeck but with the pit bull demeanor of a Mickey Rourke.  It takes place mostly in a city not always quite Frisco.  This is not autobiographical or a roman à clef, but it is satirical, playful, and inevitably deadly serious.  An eight second David Mamet pitch could be rendered as “A Confederacy of Dunces meets A Fine Madness with voice over by George Steiner.”

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Bamboo Leaf Studio is a result of an avid interest in Asian art and design.  Begun as a passion for collecting prints and paintings, reproductions and originals, it eventually developed into a gathering of tools and materials in a small space designated as “studio.” Following were attempts at the production of works in imitation of and improvisation in a laboratory of received and subsequently original ideas.  The outcome has been the somewhat regular creation and fabrication of limited edition objets d’art which include handmade poetry editions, prints, broadsides (in collaboration with Iota Press) and poem cards.

Nualláin House, Publishers has evolved into an artistic non-commercial venture, a boutique press if you will, in which access to ongoing creative processes is granted through a web portal. Essentially the material is free. However, a percentage of the production and shipping cost is included in acquiring a facsimile. Any “overage” is applied to future projects for which, starting from zero, a value can be contemplated.  


And it is for that very non-commercial reason that you won’t find Nualláin House, Publishers titles for sale on Amazon unless they are through a second party.  Nualláin House titles are available exclusively through the publisher and this site.  This applies for items from Bamboo Leaf Studio as well—Parole and Ode To Sunset are available for the browsing, subscription free, at each of their own sites.  Nor will you find a shopping basket or convenient checkouts payable with a credit card.  Both listing on Amazon and through point of sale accounts such as PayPal involve a third party interface which requires a fee (or operation tax, if you will).  If Nualláin House, Publishers was truly a business then perhaps it would absorb these fees as a cost of doing business.  On the other hand your personal info is not entered into a data base to be sold or mined which would happen if we used Amazon and/or point of sale software. If shipping is charged, it covers the cost of materials (labels and envelopes) and postage.  With more than one book or title ordered, as per our policy, the purchase includes free shipping .  A check, money order, cash payment (plus stamp & envelope) is a minor inconvenience to stay out of the clutches of the corporate data mining overlords. Orders can be placed by email at nuallainhousepublishers (at-sign) gmail (dot) com. Repeat customers (donors) will be invoiced with the title(s) ordered with payment expected upon receipt. For those new to Nualláin House, Publishers, orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment.


Best of the Season from Nualláin House, Publishers, and thanks in advance for your support.